Miss Congeniality

Voted Miss Congeniality
Clients of Sandra Plasencia Casanova, owner of Havana Nights Nails and Spa in Chicago, sing her praises. “Sandra is the most gracious person I have ever met, and often, when I talk about her with other guests, they too will mention how kind and caring she is with each customer,” says client Sheila Magee. “This is so rare in today’s business world. Sandra makes each of us feel as if we were the only one in the salon.”

Adds client Barbara Johnson, “Always full of energy, Sandra has an incredible ability to make people feel special at her salon. The minute you walk through the door, you are surrounded by a warm and friendly atmosphere, and you are called on by your name. Each client receives personalized attention, and, most importantly appointments are always on time.”

“Before Havana Nights opened, I spent five years salon hopping in search of the perfect neighbourhood nail boutique,” says client Latha Sundaram. “Havana Nights answered my calling. Sandra has achieved her goal: consistent cleanliness, a high-quality, warm staff, and a welcoming ambience. This is what makes her place the gold standard of neighborhood salons.”

Referring to Plasencia Casanova’s accomplishment of immigrating from Cuba a few years ago to open up her own business, client Ileana Robson says, “Sandra is an inspiration to all young women in America wanting to see a dream come true, as she often says, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it!

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