Permanent makeup

Micropigmentation program course.

This is a comprehensive course that comprises all the necessary information for students who are new to the business of micropigmentation. It is a one on one student- teacher course to make sure we can give personalized attention to every student, identify their weaknesses and strengths and form a technician who is ready to start working on clients once they leave our class.
The course is 100 hrs and students have six months after they conclude the course to receive professional advice and observe procedures performed at our locations.
The price of the course is $2,300 and includes all the necessary materials for the class as well as a student book and manual.

  1. Introduction to Micro-pigmentation
    • History of tattooing
    • Devices used
    • Manual vs machine method
  2. Treatment room Set-Up
    • Treatment room
    • Necessary supplies, instruments and furniture
    • Storage of instruments and supplies
  3. Client Consultation
    • Client evaluation
    • Documenting your work with pictures
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Authorized consent
    • Pre and post procedure care instructions and forms
  4. Health Requirements / Sanitation & Sterilization
    • American Red Cross and OSHA standards
    • Sterilization
    • Proper handling and disposal of needles
    • Proper pigment handling
    • Sanitary measures during procedure set-up and clean-up
    • Disease and Infection control
    • Health department State regulations
  5. Color Theory
    • Fitzpatrick skin types classifications
    • Pigment selection
    • Preparation, mixing and storage
    • Color correction
  6. Client Preparation and permanent makeup application
    • Facial anatomy
    • Symmetry
    • Pre-Procedure information
    • Marking the skin
    • Effective topical anesthetics
    • Application techniques for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips using machine and manual method.
  7. Needles
    • Needle selection and application for manual and machine method.
    • Storage and disposal of needles.
  8. Review of Proper Forms
    • Consent
    • Hold Harmless Release
    • Photo Release
    • New Client Forms
    • Pre and Post Care Forms
  9. Client After-Care
    • Follow up appointments
    • Expectations
    • Product recommendation
  10. Procedures
    • Students will perform two of each procedure on live models. One using the manual method and another one using the machine method.
      • Eyebrow procedures : shading and hair stroke technique.
      • Eyeliner procedures: eyeliner and mucosal eyeliner.
      • Lip procedures: lip liner and lip filling.