Permanent makeup

Our training courses are for all students with or without experience in the permanent makeup field. If you have not completed a permanent makeup training course before; or you would like to refresh what you already know; or have no experience at all in the permanent makeup field, please contact our office at 7733345303.

A blood borne pathogens test has to be taken before attending any of our classes.

If someone is new to the industry and does not already have a minimum of 100 hours of training in permanent cosmetics, they need to have a similar amount of training in microblading, even if it is for just that one type of procedure. Courses of previous study that are accepted include: facial morphology and bone structure, brow shaping and design, color analysis, color theory, proper handling of equipment, prevention of cross-contamination, as well as practice work and the opportunity to observe procedures before actually performing them under supervision.

Our students have six months of support after completing their microblading course during which they can attend another microblading class free of charge to refresh their knowledge, visit us and observe the trainers doing the microblading procedures and participate in our seminars and courses ( courses and seminars are discounted for our students). All these hours amount to the 65 hours of classroom work required by the SPCP.

When considering a career in Permanent makeup, please, take a look at this numbers:




To ensure you receive the upmost guidance, support and to feel confident throughout your training we keep the class size to a maximum of 8 students, and each student will be supervised by an instructor during the practical training of the class.

At Havana Spa we have dedicated a great amount of time and combined knowledge into our training courses and sourcing the top techniques to help you produce great results. In our course we assist in helping you set up your own business as well as establishing your career in the industry. When considering a career in semi-permanent makeup you have to know what your return on investment (ROI) can look like.

The semi-permanent makeup industry can have a rapid return on investment, with the right help and support which we provide free of charge. The faster the ROI, the easier it is to make the decision, as your money is not tied up for too long and you can see a healthy return on your investment in as little as 3 months.

In concept, 10-20 clients booked over an eight week period, that’s only 5 clients per week taking 1.5 hours per procedure, which if you apply yourself in the training these figures are totally realistic for you to achieve once you have established your client base.

Week Number of Procedures Price of Procedure Cost of Consumables Money Earned
1 3 $300 $20 $840
2 6 $300 $20 $1,680
3 9 $300 $20 $2,520
4 12 $300 $20 $3,360
5 15 $300 $20 $4,200
6 18 $300 $20 $5,040
7 21 $300 $20 $5,880
8 24 $300 $20 $6,720
9 27 $300 $20 $7,560
10 30 $300 $20 $8,400
25 78 $300 $20 $21,840
52 156 $300 $20 $43,680

Please note that these figures do not take into account the cost of advertising, room rental, wages or travelling cost etc. The costs used above are those directly attributed to the treatment such as products, insurance and licensing. They are intended for use as a guide only. What you will be able to charge per procedure depends on your skills, your client base and your location.

Micropigmentation program course.

This is a comprehensive course that comprises all the necessary information for students who are new to the business of micropigmentation. It is a small size class to make sure we can give personalized attention to every student, identify their weaknesses and strengths and form a technician who is ready to start working on clients once they leave our class.
The course is 100 hrs and students have six months after they conclude the course to receive professional advice and observe procedures performed at our locations.
The price of the course is $3,500 and includes all the necessary materials for the class as well as a student book and manual.

  1. Introduction to Micro-pigmentation
    • History of tattooing
    • Devices used
    • Manual vs machine method
  2. Treatment room Set-Up
    • Treatment room
    • Necessary supplies, instruments and furniture
    • Storage of instruments and supplies
  3. Client Consultation
    • Client evaluation
    • Documenting your work with pictures
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Authorized consent
    • Pre and post procedure care instructions and forms
  4. Health Requirements / Sanitation & Sterilization
    • American Red Cross and OSHA standards
    • Sterilization
    • Proper handling and disposal of needles
    • Proper pigment handling
    • Sanitary measures during procedure set-up and clean-up
    • Disease and Infection control
    • Health department State regulations
  5. Color Theory
    • Fitzpatrick skin types classifications
    • Pigment selection
    • Preparation, mixing and storage
    • Color correction
  6. Client Preparation and permanent makeup application
    • Facial anatomy
    • Symmetry
    • Pre-Procedure information
    • Marking the skin
    • Effective topical anesthetics
    • Application techniques for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips using machine and manual method.
  7. Needles
    • Needle selection and application for manual and machine method.
    • Storage and disposal of needles.
  8. Review of Proper Forms
    • Consent
    • Photo Release
    • New Client Forms
    • Pre and Post Care Forms
  9. Client After-Care
    • Follow up appointments
    • Expectations
    • Product recommendation
  10. Procedures
    • Students will perform two of each procedure on live models. One using the manual method and another one using the machine method.
      • Eyebrow procedures : shading and hair stroke technique.
      • Eyeliner procedures: eyeliner and mucosal eyeliner.
      • Lip procedures: lip liner and lip filling.



Eyebrow microblading ( $2,100)


The eyebrow microblading class is a hand method class, no machines are involved in the teaching. In this class students will learn to create and complete natural looking eyebrows for their clients in less than one hour using the manual method. Shading style, hair simulation and combination techniques and taught. Students will also learn to make color and shape corrections to eyebrows that have change color or have not been properly designed. This class is conceived to address all issues that are presented during a permanent makeup eyebrow procedure, including the proper technique to achieve  good color retention and hair strokes that do not disappear after the procedure has healed.

It is for all students with or without experience in the permanent makeup field. If you have not completed a permanent makeup training course before; or you would like to refresh what you already know; or have no experience at all in the permanent makeup field, please contact our office at 7733345303.

Day one morning 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

  1. Introduction to the permanent makeup, sanitation and hygiene of the work place.
  2. The consultation. Its importance.
  3. Medical history of the client, consent forms, chart notes and aftercare.
  4. Taking before and after pictures. Importance of creating a work portfolio
  5. The face. Facial structure/ different kind of faces/ measurements to design a perfect eyebrow
  6. Effective marking of the skin
  7. Anesthetics
  8. Needle selection according to the desired procedure
  9. Room and Table set up
  10. Pigments and pigment selection according to the specific type of procedure. Brief reference to color theory.
  11. Different options for the eyebrow procedure: hair simulation technique and soft shading
  12. Color and shape corrections with microblading
  13. Needle configurations and selection
  14. Legal forms
  15. Ways to promote your business
  16. Insurance


Day one afternoon 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Students practicing on skin like eyebrows.  Hand method.

Educator demonstration on models of two procedures: hair simulation and soft shading technique.

Color correction will be demonstrated when models are available.


Day two morning:

Students working on design on paper, skin like material,  and models ( each student will be supervised by an instructor)

Day two afternoon:

At this time of the class students will share their experiences working on their models and all questions will be answered. Certificates will be handed.