Chicago Male Nufree Hair Removal

Havana Spa: Male Nufree Nudesse Hair removal

Nufree is 100 % botanical -no chemical, no wax, no sugar

Opposite to other hair removal methods, after Nufree hair removal, clients are allowed to tan, shower, apply make up or have other salon or spa services. No waiting!

Chicago Male Nufree Nudesse Hair Removal  Services at Havana Spa
While Nufree Nudesse hair removal is typically done by women, many men also opt for this type of hair removal treatment. Swimmers and athletes may choose body hair removal for aesthetic appeal and to improve their performance. With the onset of the metro sexual man and then later the general evolution in the acceptance that men simply want to look good, male body hair removal is now commonplace.

Chicago Male Body Nufree Nudesse Hair Removal Services at Havana Spa

You may be forgiven for believing that male body hair removal was performed mainly for athletes but men from all walks of life turn to body hair removal for many reasons; vanity being the main reason (nothing wrong with that), and why not, men want to look good too.

Men get more hairy as they get older so body hair removal sometimes becomes more appealing to guys as they get in to their mid thirties and beyond, however men of all ages from twenty onwards regularly use male hair removal services.

Chicago Male Nufree Nudesse Hair Removal Services Include:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyebrow Threading
  • Side of face, Lip and Chin
  • Arms and Under-Arms
  • Legs and Feet
  • Back and Chest

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